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Money can be sent to your family members around Samoa via EziBank and withdrawn at any nbs ATM. Funds on your Mobile wallet can also be transferred to your nbs account to earn interest.


Features & Benefits

  • Ability to purchase goods and services anywhere the Mastercard sign appears – in-store, overseas or online.

  • No need to carry around cash – it is easy and convenient

  • Access over 40 ATMs in Samoa and use them directly at over 100 stores and retail outlets with EFTPOS machines in the country - Speed through checkouts even faster

  • Use the card at shops instead of needing to withdraw money from an ATM

  • Link to nbs internet banking, EziBank, and EziSend products and services – making it easier to manage and check transactions and balances.

  • Can be used anytime – 24 x 7

  • High-level security features – protecting you and your money against unauthorised transactions

  • Mastercard is accepted at over 40 million locations worldwide

  • Great for traveling or sending money abroad - use your nbs Debit MasterCard to withdraw cash from overseas banks and ATMs displaying the Mastercard logo.

  • View your account balance 24 x 7 via ATMs or internet banking

  • Available for both business and private bank account holders (T&C’s apply)



Types of fees & Charges
Enquire at another Bank’s ATM
PIN Replacement
Emergency card fee
Card Replacement fee
Annual & Joining fee
ATM Surcharge applied by ATM owner we cannot control surcharge fee
EFTPOS surcharge applied by merchants we cannot control
Enquire Currency cross border of exchange rate
Purchase on EFTPOS/online
Withdrawal at local and other ATMs

Opening Requirements

  • To be eligible to obtain a nbs debit Mastercard you need to:

  • Have a current nbs bank account or sign up as a new customer

  • Be 18 years and over

  • Be a Samoan resident or have a residency visa

Mastercard Application Form - APPLY

Terms and Conditions

If your card is lost or stolen, be sure to let us know 


Call us

+685 26766


Place a freeze on your




for a new card

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