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Internet & Mobile Banking Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions

These Terms mentioned herein form the contract between the User using EziNet the Internet Banking services and the Bank. By applying for Internet Banking Services and accessing the service the User acknowledges and accepts these Terms of Service (Terms and Conditions). Any conditions relating to the accounts of customer other than these Terms will continue to apply except that in the event of any conflict between these Terms and the account conditions, these Terms will continue to prevail. The agreement shall remain valid until it is replaced by another agreement or terminated by either party or account is closed, whichever is earlier. 


The Bank may offer Internet Banking Service to selected customers at its discretion. The customer would need to be Internet User or have access to the Internet. The acceptance of the application and the acknowledgement thereof does not automatically imply the acceptance of application for Internet Banking Services. The Bank may advise from time to time the Internet software such as Browser, which are required for using Internet Banking Services. There will be no obligation on the part of the Bank to support all the versions of this Internet software.

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