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NBS Leaders in Digital Banking Solutions

> Taking care of our people

 > Giving back to our communities

 > Excellent Customer Service

 > Doing what is right

The National Bank of Samoa is a locally owned and operated commercial trading bank. NBS offers a full range of services to customers, both personal and business. This includes savings accounts, cheque accounts, loans, and overdraft facilities through to a comprehensive offering of international services.


Today nbs provides customers with greater access to banking services via new media such as mobile phones, internet banking and smarter ATM’s. It also has goals to facilitate a positive change in Samoan's attitude and approach to saving and investment, and to lower the costs of banking in Samoa resulting in lower loan rates and a greater return on savings.


To be the financial institution of the first choice in the South Pacific.


National Bank of Samoa will provide the highest quality services across a full range of financial services for the benefit of our customers and in doing so to improve the welfare of the countries we serve.

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