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EziNet is an electronic payment system that enables business clients to conduct financial transactions online with ease.

Bank online when you want, where ever you want

Going somewhere?

Download the NBS App today!

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Pay Bills

Water Bill, Electric Bill etc.

Monitor your account


Internal/External Transfers

Fast  & Secure


View, Print & Download


Features & Benefits

  • real-time payments within own accounts or nbs bank accounts

  • domestic payment with other banks in Samoa

  • pay utility bills such as phone, water, etc.

  • link multiple accounts

  • view account balances

  • view recent transactions

  • downloading updated bank statements

  • manage multiple payees

  • loan account information and additional payments

  • Bulk Payments or Salary File Upload

  • 24/7 availability

  • downloadable bank statement

  • real-time activity alert set by customer (mail/alert/notification)

  • easy to operate

  • convenience

  • time efficient

  • activity tracking

  • business accounts



Transactional Fees​

  • Internal Transfer within nbs accounts - FREE

  • Domestic Transfer to other banks - $5.50

  • Own Account Transfer - FREE

  • File Upload for Internal Payroll/Transfer - $0.20sene per line charged on the employer's account

  • File Upload for Domestic Payroll/Transfer - $0.20sene per line + $5.50 bank cheque charged on the employer's account

Opening Requirements

  • must have a nbs bank account or open an new account

  • complete registration form at any nbs branches

  • nbs will provide your login credentials through your email.


Important Documents

  • EZINET - Internet Banking Terms & Conditions

Call or Email for more info

Phone: +685 26766

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