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Business savings account is ideal for business clients who prefer to separate their current/banking account from their business savings.

Need help in setting up a Business Account with us?

Talk to our New Accounts Department for more details and to help you

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Lamepa Malolo

Supervisor New Accounts

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How to get started?

  1. Confirm eligibility requirements: Confirm the bank’s eligibility and age requirements for opening a savings or cheque account.

    For example, you usually need to be at least 18 years old to open a checking account and some banks may require a parent or guardian to be part of the process of opening a student checking account. If you are applying for a joint checking account with another person, some banks require both people to be present with their necessary documents.

  2. Start the application at your bank: Visit the local branch or online site to learn more about their application process and to access their application.

  3. Choose the right accounts for you: During the application process, you can usually specify what types of products you’d like, such as a cheque account, savings account, or both.

  4. Read over your account materials: Once you have been approved and your bank account is open, you can request a debit card.

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