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New debit card in conjunction with Mastercard as the first ever Tap & Go card for Samoans.


Spend, withdraw, or access your money with the nbs Debit Mastercard, at anytime, anywhere.


Features & Benefits

  • Ability to purchase goods and services anywhere the Mastercard sign appears – in-store, overseas or online.

  • No need to carry around cash – it is easy and convenient

  • Access over 40 ATMs in Samoa and use them directly at over 100 stores and retail outlets with EFTPOS machines in the country - Speed through checkouts even faster

  • Use the card at shops instead of needing to withdraw money from an ATM

  • Link to nbs internet banking, EziBank, and EziSend products and services – making it easier to manage and check transactions and balances.

  • Can be used anytime – 24 x 7

  • High-level security features – protecting you and your money against unauthorised transactions

  • Mastercard is accepted at over 40 million locations worldwide

  • Great for traveling or sending money abroad - use your nbs Debit MasterCard to withdraw cash from overseas banks and ATMs displaying the Mastercard logo.

  • View your account balance 24 x 7 via ATMs or internet banking

  • Available for both business and private bank account holders (T&C’s apply)



Enquire at another Bank's ATM           

PIN Replacement

Emergency Card 

Card Replacement 

Annual & Joining       

ATM Surcharge applied by ATM owner we cannot control surcharge fee







EFTPOS surcharge applied by merchants we cannot control

Enquire currency cross border of exchange rate

Purchase on EFTPOS/online

Withdrawal at local and other ATMs





Types of Fees & Charges



Opening Requirements

  • To be eligible to obtain a nbs debit Mastercard you need to:

  • Have a current nbs bank account or sign up as a new customer

  • Be 18 years and over

  • Be a Samoan resident or have a residency visa

Mastercard Application Form - APPLY

If your card is lost or stolen, be sure to let us know 


Call us

+685 26766


Place a freeze on your




for a new card

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