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EziSend is a remittance product that allows customers to transfer funds from Unity Credit in New Zealand to nbs account for a standard fee within 30 minutes.

With EziSend, you can remit finds from New Zealand at anytime using their Internet Banking and can be available in your nbs account at anytime.

A quick and easy way to transfer money from NZ to Samoa

Ask in-branch or call us on +685 26766 for more details

  1. Funds transfer from NZ through UNITY CREDIT UNION

  2. UNITY CREDIT UNION transfers funds into nbs bank account within 30 minutes

  3. Come get your money at any nbs branch, ATM or by using Ezibank mobile banking to withdraw from a Digicel or Vodafone agent. 


Features & Benefits

  • real-time money received with 30 minutes

  • funds transferred from Unity Credit Union to National Bank of Samoa

  • send funds online or through your local Unity Branch in NZ

  • quick and easy

  • cheapest real-time banking channel

  • convenience

  • accessibility

  • 24 hour support


Transactional Fees​

  • $2.50NZD

  • The fees and charges for making Ezisend payments are available on our website and from your local Unity branch. Fees are subject to change


Opening Requirements

  • Sender based in NZ should register with Unity Credit Union

  • Sender can signed up for an Online Banking after creating an account at any Unity Branch

  • Receivers must have a nbs account number or create a new account

  • Receivers must provide their nbs account number to the Sender in order to action the transfer

How and when we’ll process your EziSend payments?

  • National Bank of Samoa (nbs) is used as an intermediary to process the Ezisend payment on your behalf 

  • We aim to process your Ezisend payment within 30 minutes of when we receive it, provided that we receive all of the correct information to facilitate the transaction 

  • We process Ezisend payment requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

  • We will deduct the money for the Ezisend payment (including any other related fees and charges) from your selected Unity account immediately. 

  • There may be a delay before cleared funds become available to the recipient. 

  • Unity are not responsible for any losses or costs you or anyone else incurs if an Ezisend payment is delayed. 

  • If an Ezisend payment is delayed, we can investigate this further. We may charge a fee for this. 


Important Documents

  • EZISEND - Internet Banking Terms & Conditions

Call or Email for more info

Phone: +685 26766

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